And after a long journey, I’m a proudly Sea Coaster!!!

IFWK3594Hello my dear friends! I’d like you to join me in the beginning of a NEW journey, filled with great opportunities. A dream come true. Lots of new challenges! A different culture and a different way of life, but I am confident, because I’m a proud new member of the NUMBER ONE company in the Real Estate Business in the American Southeast: Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty.

The opportunity that I have to help sellers and buyers with both, American and Hispanic cultural heritage, is exciting! The Hispanic population is growing faster than ever! And first and second generation of new Hispanic-Americans are enriching the dynamic of all areas of this country.

And Wilmington, North Carolina, is thriving with high quality of life, development of new constructions and people from all over the US, looking for a place to live, enjoy and feel just great under the delights of our weather, the intracoastal life of the Cape Fear River, the wonderful sea life of Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach, and the thrilling night life of the Historic District and the Downtown. If you are looking for a wonderful place to live, just do your own research on the web to find out more about this jewel. .. and give me a call!!! This is a GREAT moment to invest, not only in residential, but also in commercial real estate.

I invite you, fellow colleagues of the southeast and beyond, to bring new families to my town! Don’t let that referral go away! GIVE ME A CALL!!!

Isabela Lujan
USA: +1.816.405.2073
VZLA Whatsapp: +58.424.154.4005

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